Our family united in love around Amber for over 22 years, Our children grew up understanding the value of life and the importance of living it well no matter the challenges faced.

Amber was a unique and beautiful soul who loved deeply and privately. She was a woman of profound faith that inspired so many by the way she faced life's challenges. During her lifetime she never asked anyone to pray for her as she always felt that there were others in greater need. Together, we prayed for many others and I still feel her littleĀ  hand in mine offering thanks for all of our blessings.

Each of us had a beautiful and unique relationship with Amber. She was the core of our family and we all worked together to make the impossible, possible. We are proud of our children and the dedication and love they showed for their sister.

The last few months of Amber's life was in hospice in our home. Similar to the beginning of her journey she was surrounded by loving family and her courageous faith amazed so many. She was in control of her destiny and accomplished so much and touched so many lives.

Her final wish was to continue touching lives through this foundation and help other special needs kids follow their dreams.
Families that struggle with critically ill children face challenges that most of us could never imagine. The family dynamics are altered to accommodate the special needs of their child. Members of the family sacrifice personal preferences and activities to be available to provide care and support. Entertainment and vacation time is often sacrificed due to the sheer logistics of traveling with a child that requires ongoing care and special equipment. Money is not available for activities that other families take for granted as medical expenses and treatments consume much of the remaining budget. Long-term hospital stays bring extreme hardship to the family as it is now torn apart in different locations and one parent is often at the hospital with the child, missing work and incurring costs of transportation, parking, meals and lodging. The other parent takes on the burden of managing the home and any other children while still working to keep an income coming in.

The mental toll it takes on a family is severe and long-lasting. Most will not understand the damage until much later as siblings enter adulthood with their own issues and parent's marriages end badly.

Our foundation is focused on helping these families at their most vulnerable time with the support they need while building awareness of the unique journey they are on. Come help us make their tomorrow brighter.
  1. Deacon Frank Elchert, MS
  2. Michele Elchert, BA
    Founder/Vice President
  3. Mary Elchert, BA
    Permanent Board Member
  4. Gregory Elchert
    Permanent Board Member
  5. Andrew Elchert
    Permanent Board Member
  6. Amber Elchert
    Our inspiration and purpose!


We gratefullly acknowledge the members of our board who selflessly give of their time and resources!
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