Package of Love

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Our founder and Amber's Daddy, Deacon Frank Elchert personally delivering the first Amber's Package of Love to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Cardiac Intensive Care! The Elchert family started this foundation to fullfill Amber's wish that upon her passing that her family would continue to help other critically ill children.

Our Program

Critically ill child spend long periods of time in the hospital receiving life-saving treatments. The days are long and tiring and many times involve painful procedures. Amber was in and out of hospitals for over 22 years so we all soon learned the importance of staying busy and distracted. We decided that this was the first service we wanted to offer.

Our Amber's Packages of Love were created to bring joy to critically ill children who are spending long periods of time in the hospital. Children are nominated through our web site by family or friends. We contact the child's guardian and discuss their specific case and what kinds of items they would enjoy during their hospital stay. We try to build a package that will bring a smile to the child's face! We personally shop and assemble each Package of Love and include information about Amber's wish which was the catalyst for this foundation. We include a blanket in each package that has been blessed to provide comfort and our prayers for each child! We also include a pink turtle that was Amber's last gift from her dad and when squeezed makesĀ  a laugh just like Amber's. We hope her laugh brings a few giggles and a smile to the child's face. OUr foundation is in Pennsylvania so if the child is close enough, Amber's daddy will deliver it himself. Otherwise we will ship it anywhere in the United States.
Nominate a Child
Ben, Bethlehem, PA
Jillian, Marietta, OH

Ben is an 8th grader who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and spends one day a month in the hospital for infusions. His condition required that a pacemaker be placed to help his heart. Ben is a Denver Broncos fan and has two brothers deployed.

Jillian is a one year old girl born with HLHS. Jillian has many complex issues but is such a beautiful little girl. Her and her family are in all of our prayers.

Dakota, Harvey, IA
Sasha, Portland, OR
Jayden, Tampa, FL
Dakota was born with hypo plastic left heart syndrome in 2002. He has had 6 open heart surgeries and has had two strokes and a pacemaker. In Octoberof 2016 he was diagnosed with PLE.
​A 2 year old girl battlingĀ Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She will be receiving chemo treatments for the next two years. Please keep this precious child in your prayers!
​A 13 year old boy who was an avid soccer player diagnosed with Ostesarcoma earlier this year. He has undergone major surgery and is wheelchair bound while receiving his chemo.
Matthew, Heath, OH
Lily, Lancaster, PA
Gavin, Bangor, PA
Lily's package of love was being created when we learned of her passing. She was a beautiful young girl with a truly special family. I really enjoyed shopping for all things "Ursula" for her. Lily, will always be in our hearts!
Gavin is a fun-loving boy and big brother. He is battling Mitochondrial Disease which is mutations in mtDNA or nDNA which lead to altered functions of the proteins or RNA molecules that normally reside in mitochondria.
Mathew is a true fighter in every sense of the word. He spent 230 days in the hospital this past year! He was born with a congentoal heart defect and suffered a severe stroke. This is one special boy who has captured our heart.
Jay, Dubuque, IA
Caelen, Jupiter, FL
Hadlee, Wheelersburg, OH
Jay was born with hypoplastic right heart syndrome has battled through many challenges over his 18 years! He was also diagnosed with Protein Losing Enteropathy at the age of 12. Jay lives in Dubuque, Iowa where he enjoys hunting and fishing!
Caelen was our first recipient of an Amber's Package of Love! Caelen is from Jupiter, Florida and I was able to meet him in person at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!
Hadlee is a newborn with a congenital heart defect who had open heart surgery in her first few days of life. Hadlee is from Wheelersburg, Ohio.