Bereavement Support


Our faciltator is Deacon Frank Elchert. He is an ordained Catholic Deacon and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the founder and President of the Amber Louise Elchert Foundation. He has suffered the loss of both parents and his daughter Amber all within 22 months. He supports critically ill children and their families across the US. He is an avid speaker and an empathetic ear to those who are grieving.

Our Program

Our support program is Christian-based and is open to anyone. The program consists of three key areas. There is a video seminar in each meeting containing information on grief-related topics. The video features insights from Christian experts and personal stories of people grieving a death of a loved one. The support group is an open discussion based on topics contained in that weeks lessons and video. Share as much or as little as you want but I assure you that everyone's grief experience is unique and no two are alike. The third area is a workbookthat will have daily messages to read and and 2 or 3 questions to answer. This information is directly relateds to the video and will be points of discussion at the beginning of the next group.

We also provide a journal for you to write weekly to your loved one. It is important to reach out to your loved one and express your emotions and frustrations and have a place to go during the difficult times. Each week you will write a short not e to your loved one and then by the end of the 13 weeks we will have you write a letter to yourself from your loved one. As you write that letter you will hear their voice as the words appear in your journal. It is a beautiful way to allow your mind to be at peace. On the last evening there will be a cake and each loved one will have a candle. It will allow us to remember and thank them for the lives shared.
Come join us as we turn mourning into joy again!