1. Community Awareness
    Community Awareness
    Special needs families face all of the same day-to-day challenges as the rest of us but they carry additional stresses and often times carry it alone. Having a special needs child requires parents and family to adapt their life around medical treatments and hospital stays. Even spending a day out together brings planning, special equipment and much cooperation. Many family members sacrifice their own life, dreams and focus all of their energy on the special needs child. It is a complex family dynamic and difficult to manage in the best of times but add in a long-term hospital stay and parents splitting time between a sick child often in another town and the other family members who must carry the burden on the home front. Throw in the emotional burden of a life-threatening illness and it is a mountain to climb. Building community awareness of these special families will open channels for them to ask and seek help.
  2. Operation "Amber" Christmas
    Operation "Amber" Christmas
    Critically ill children battle sickness and long hospital stays all year long. At Christmas time it is magnified. Families are separated and sick children battle depression and sadness while their friend are enjoying the happiest time of the year. Amber often battled hard to avoid holidays and birthdays and special occasions but often to no avail. Many were spent in a hospital room receiving life-saving care. In 2016 our Foundation brought Christmas to 51 children in the Cardiac Care Unit at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This was a facility that Amber spent many years at and we felt it was a wonderful place to hold our first Operation Amber Christmas! It was pure joy to present these gifts to Amber's former Cardiologist, Dr Jack Rychik and Nurse Practitioner, Katie Dodds and some of her nurses. They are our family and we send love to them and the kids at CHOP. We are looking forward to selecting a hospital in the Lehigh Valley for the Christmas of 2017 and bringing some joy to children who are so deserving of a happy and blessed holiday.